Hotline against violence

Since more than 20 years we help people, who are willing to stop their violence.
We offer advice for violent people also near to your place.
  • You are annoyed or jealous sometimes?
  • You are in a crisis with your partner or often quarrelling?
  • You are overcharged with the education of your children?
  • You are full of anger and aggression?
    And sometimes you'd really like to strike, in order to reach quietness.
  • You already battered, kicked, jogged or digged somebody, or you grabbed somebody hard and violent?
  • You threatend somebody or caused anxiety?
  • You obsessed or stalked somebody?
  • You are looking for help in trouble or a tarining against aggressions and violence?
If you can answer one or more of those questions with a "Yes", call our hotline for perpetrators.
We are going to help to stop your violence.

Our counsellors could help lot's of people before - they can do for you too.

Give us a call! Or send a mail!

More informations and advice on the phone are just avaiable in german language.
Violence destroys -

euline helps!

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